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Snowman - cold = puddle : spring equations
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Introduces spring using poetry and equations to encourage readers to think about the season in an unexpected way. - (Baker & Taylor)

"Vibrant artwork and engaging text offer mathematical and scientific perspectives into such springtime wonders as nesting and pollination with poem-like ""equations"" that invite children to both marvel at and understand seasonal transformations. Simultaneous eBook." - (Baker & Taylor)

"A unique take on spring in a series of eye-opening equations. Whether it's breeze + kite = ballet or nest + robin = jewelry box, each equation prompts readers to pause and think about spring in unexpected ways. As a child in the art welcomes the change of seasons, sidebars provide more information about the science behind the signs of spring."-- - (Baker & Taylor)

Poetry + Math + Science = A new way of looking at spring

Math meets metaphor in this eye-opening exploration of spring. Each clever equation is a tiny, perfect poem that prompts readers to look at the ordinary and see the miraculous. Can you look at an egg in a nest and see a jewelry box? How are sunlight and heat like an alarm clock? Engaging sidebars reveal the science behind the signs of spring. - (Random House, Inc.)

Author Biography

Laura Purdie Salas knows that poetry and science are both about exploring the world. Part poet and part scientist, Laura is the award-winning author of more than one hundred books, including If You Were the Moon, A Rock Can Be, and Water Can Be. She experiences spring, summer, fall, and winter in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Micha Archer's radiant collage illustrations for this book grew out of a New England spring. Micha is the author and illustrator of Daniel Finds a Poem, as well as the illustrator of Around the World in a Bathtub, Lola's Fandango, and The Wise Fool. She lives in western Massachusetts. - (Random House, Inc.)

First Chapter or Excerpt

Snowman - Cold = Puddle

Spring Equations

By Laura Purdie Salas, Micha Archer


Copyright © 2019 Laura Purdie Salas
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-58089-798-3

BIG beaver + BIG beaver = little beaver

Happy birthday! Many baby animals are born in spring. A newborn beaver kit weighs less than a loaf of bread. A spring birthday gives it plenty of time to grow and learn survival skills before winter comes. 

talons + pond = fast food

In spring, bald eagles that wintered down south fly north again. On their way to the northern United States and Canada, they swoop down to scoop up tasty fish dinners.


Excerpted from Snowman - Cold = Puddle by Laura Purdie Salas, Micha Archer. Copyright © 2019 Laura Purdie Salas. Excerpted by permission of Charlesbridge.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Trade Reviews

Booklist Reviews

From Salas' point of view, "science + poetry = surprise!" Celebrating the natural world as winter turns to spring, this unusual volume offers a poetic equation on each page, accompanied by a vivid illustration and several short sentences of related text. A snowy scene depicting a downy woodpecker on a maple tree illustrates the statement "bark + beak = drum," while a short paragraph comments that this bird is hammering at the tree to find bugs, though it might use faster drumming in the spring to assert its territory or attract a mate. Sometimes the writing takes a more lyrical tone, as in the "frogs + night = symphony" page, where the text likens a chorus of different frog species to an orchestra and ends with "Bullfrogs honk low and loud on their watery trombones." Created with a variety of traditional media and digitally arranged, Archer's detailed, vibrant collages reflect a sense of wonder, while clarifying the literal meaning of each equation and its commentary. A handsome, original book for reading aloud each spring. Preschool-Grade 3. Copyright 2019 Booklist Reviews.

Publishers Weekly Reviews

Salas posits that fully experiencing the seasons means looking through the lenses of both scientific study and art: "science + poetry = surprise!/ Science is why and how a/ flower grows. Poetry is/ looking at that flower and/ seeing a firework. Surprise!" In the early spring, "warmth + light = alarm clock." Salas explains that "hibernating animals wake up when spring days/ grow warmer and stronger." Elsewhere, "bark + beak = drum." The beak belongs to a woodpecker tapping against a tree "to claim its territory/ or attract a mate." Archer's torn paper collage and oil art offers sharp contrast in visual textures and colors. A bright, feathery blue and green river flows past a yellow riverbank; above lies the white of the melting snow. Elsewhere, child characters play and explore outdoors, one boy climbing a tree to the sound of frog songs ("frogs + night = symphony"). Nature, the book suggests, offers abundant surprises to those who take the time to notice. Ages 4–8. (Feb.)

Copyright 2019 Publishers Weekly.

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